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Mark Fitch Automotive is ready to help with any concerns you have with a vehicle.  Questions and their answers are always free ; Since September of 1985 .

Modern Vehicles have a serious problem with the Ignition Switch and or the Keys ! Many have a Module in the Steering Column area that "Reads" the Key and controls the Anti-Theft System.  NEVER STORE VEHICLE KEYS ( 2000 & NEWER ) ON or Near Electronic Devices ! These include but are not limited to ; C.D. players, Televisions, Computers, DVR Units . These devices can ERASE the Key's Internal Electronic Chip . 

Concerning the Ignition itself; Modern Vehicles w/ Anti-Theft Systems have Very Expensive Ignition Switches . These switches can and will be damaged by Excessive Weight Hanging from Them ! To Avoid a Costly Repair ; REDUCE WEIGHT TO 1 RING AND A MAXIMUM OF 3 KEYS ONLY ! Carry the Balance of your keys and the Great Pictures you have on a Different Ring . This Minor Inconvenience could save you $300+ Easily .

One more very important thing , JUMP STARTING of the Modern Vehicle is best done with a "Jump Box" instead of from one Computer Controlled Vehicle to another !