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Mark Fitch Automotive is a Full Service Automobile and Light Truck General
Repair Facility with Radiator Sales & Cooling System Service included. 

Open @ 8:00 a.m. Monday thru Saturday by appointment . 

I can pick up your vehicle at your home or jobsite, or give you a ride and come get you later.

Brake & Suspension Repairs.

Welding (Wire & Stick) / Brazing / Soldering / Cutting with Torch 

Basic Machine Shop Services (i.e. Drilling, Threading, Extractions, Press Work) 

Fuel Injection Service; such as cleaning or diagnosis of a problem.

Carburetors, yes, I'm one of the few mechanics who still knows about them.

Alternators / Starters / Generators ; Replace or Repair(s)

Computer Problems and the Diagnostics of them are done in 3 stages, according to complexity; Basic and Advanced & Call in the "Guru". Basic @ $40. Advanced @ $65. Calling in the "Guru" starts @ $125 / Hour . This last "Guru" choice may scare some but, please don't be Alarmed ! He has $50,000 + worth of Very Specialized Diagnostic Equipment . The "Guru" Programs Our New Replacement : ECM ; PCM ; ECU ; and Many Other Vehicle BCM UNITS !  NOTE : IF I DIDN'T HAVE THE "GURU" AT THE READY, YOU WOULD HAVE A WRECKER BILL ALSO AS IT WOULD BE NECESSARY TO TOW YOUR VEHICLE TO THE DEALER FOR THIS SPECIALIZED WORK.

Remember that Preventive Maintenance is the ONLY Maintenance that Pays Dividends .  

Foreign & Domestic Timing Component(s) Replacement (i.e. Belts & Tensioners)

Lots of time spent w / British Sports Cars, especially Antique Models.

I've even been known to work on Lawn Mowers & other small Engines !

Synthetic and Petroleum Oils are Available . Mark Fitch Automotive is a NEO Synthetic Oil Distributor . NEO is a "Left Coast" Co., California that has been around over 40 Years . If the need for Information comes up, I can call the Owner / Blender of the Oil and ask Questions .

If your Problem wasn't listed above, call me & we can visit a "bit" . 479-783-3600