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Metalloid G. C.

Metcor 57 is a Fantastic Gun Bore Cleaner that Works at the Molecular Level and leaves behind a Rust Inhibitor on all metal parts. Think about that : Just Clean and Put Away Your Firearm . Indoor Storage up to 3 Years , without worry of rust .  Guns Only Have 2 Enemies : Rust and Politicians ! 

Machine Shops were the 1st to use Metcor 57, way back in the Sixties . Protects Firearms & metal parts up to 3 yrs. Indoor Storage and the BEST PART IS : IT IS DRY !  Nothing to attract dirt ! Molecular level treatment , of the metal , makes the Following Range Sessions Even Easier to Clean-Up after ! Works on BLACK POWDER RESIDUE  as well as Modern Powders .

Green Gun Oil is a 100 % Botanical Oil that even REMOVES RUST from firearms WITHOUT CUTTING THE "BLUEING" from the metal near the rust damage ! This is a Fantastic Product , Use Just like Any Oil for Metal to Metal Contact and it is SLICK ! No Foul Smell and No Danger of Petroleum Distillates . 

The Seeds Used to make all of the Botanical Gun Care Fluids are GROWN & HARVESTED , right here in the Good Old U. S. A.

Any Quantity up to 320 Gallons is Available on Metalloid Products !

Metalloid Science has now given the Sportsman a Leather Conditioner and a Wood Conditioner that are 100% Botanical . 

The Latest product is Duck Hunter's Delight : an EXTREME RUST INHIBITOR , primarily for use in the Field , where the guns are Exposed to many environmental conditions .  

Contact Number is  479-783-3600 and you can visit our Metalloid Booth at many Ft. Smith Gunshows !